Summer Collegiate Academy

Day 2: I just sketched out the characters I’m going to use for my storyboard as antagonists now I just have to find a way to sketch out the main character. hmmm so many ways this can be done but only one way to know if its right.                                          

Day 3: Spent the day walking trying to think of new scenarios for my storyboard. I might have a few ideas in mind.

Fourth of July Weekend: I went over to Connecticut to spend some quality time with my family. While I was there however I became certain on my storyboards scenery.

Day 4: Couldn’t understand how to fix my characters blinking , but hey when in doubt use tutorials, Google, and Youtube.

Day 5: I’ve already designed my characters but now im going to have to try and bring paper onto a monitor.

Hey sorry about the delay in my update but I haven’t been really at a computer lately. I ‘ve been working trying to find certain aspects to add to my animation and with my final exam coming up I’m really going to be busy.